The achievements of the plant

Creation and development of sales oulet

By department of sales and marketing of FSUE "ZiD" was originated a new, more effective sales system.

In the first instance there was formed a dealership network in all the seven federal districts of Russia, in Byelorussia, the Ukraine and Middle Asia. There were concluded more than 100 dealership contracts. The practice of organization of regular meetings with dealers for acquaintance with all the novelties and for instruction on modern sales technologies is introduced. The works on creation of service centres are conducted. Seminars on instruction of specialists of warranty- and technical support services are held regularly.

To the present moment the works on development of Trading house of the plant are completed.

The purpose of creation of Trading house is to advance the efficiency and flexibility in activity, to significantly reduce the time of documents' preparation, shipment of production by personal transport and dispatching of railway containers, to more comprehensively meet the requirements of ultimate consumers.

Creation of Trading house allows to broaden the assortment of offered goods.

For formation of optimal assortment the consumers' preferences and the experience of partners are studied. The aim is to choose a product, which is the most suitable for russian consumers and the most profitable for business. The assortment of Trading house'll be replenished with accessories and expendable materials.

In 2003 there is planned to organize several regional warehouses for the reduction of delivery period. Conjectural places of disposition of regional warehouses are: the Far East, Siberia, Central region (Moscow), the Ukraine, Byelorussia.

Quality advance of petrol-motor products

In 2002 was made much to improve the quality and reliability of petrol-motor production.

The magneto, being for a long time a "weak point" of the saw, has been essentially modernized.

New, more reliable and hermetically sealed design of carburetor was introduced.

New silencer, which significantly lowers the level of noise, was put into production.

There was started new cross-wedge-rolling mill for manufacture of high-quality crankshafts and connecting-rods.

The entire control of static balance of fly-wheel, clutch and crankshaft with connecting-rod is introduced. The output of spare parts is enlarged, and their special mark for protection of trademark is introduced. Outward appearance of the saw is changing, a transition to more qualitative and fast powder painting is carrying out.

The plant does not stop on the achieved, the works in this direction are in progress.

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The achievements of the plant






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